Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip, known by his in-game alias Stewie2K, is an American professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player. Widely recognized for his aggressive playstyle, exceptional rifling skills, and leadership qualities, Stewie2K has made a significant impact in the CS:GO competitive scene. He has played for renowned organizations such as Cloud9, SK Gaming, and currently represents Team Liquid.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Stewie2K was born on January 7, 1998, in the United States. His passion for gaming developed during his teenage years, and he became engrossed in the Counter-Strike series. Stewie2K began his professional career by competing in online tournaments and gradually gained recognition for his impressive individual skills.

Rise to Prominence

Stewie2K’s rise to prominence occurred when he joined Cloud9 in 2016. His arrival brought a new dimension to the team’s playstyle, as he introduced a more aggressive and unpredictable approach. Stewie2K’s ability to excel in high-pressure situations, make impactful entry frags, and create openings for his team propelled Cloud9 to new heights.

In January 2018, Stewie2K achieved a historic milestone as part of Cloud9, winning the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018. It was the first time an American team had won a CS:GO Major, and Stewie2K’s contributions were pivotal to Cloud9’s success. His fearless style of play and clutch performances in crucial rounds earned him widespread acclaim.

International Success and Team Liquid

In 2019, Stewie2K joined SK Gaming (later MIBR) and transitioned to an international lineup. This move showcased his adaptability and willingness to take on new challenges. Despite facing tough competition, Stewie2K continued to make his mark, delivering standout performances against top-tier teams.

In 2020, Stewie2K joined Team Liquid, one of North America’s most successful CS:GO organizations. As a key player and the in-game leader of the team, he has been instrumental in their achievements. Stewie2K’s ability to make decisive calls, rally his teammates, and showcase his individual skills has helped Team Liquid secure victories and maintain their position as a formidable force in the CS:GO scene.

Individual Achievements

Stewie2K’s individual achievements reflect his impact on the game. His aggressive playstyle and exceptional rifling skills have earned him recognition as one of the best players in the world. Stewie2K has been consistently ranked in the Top 20 Players of the Year and has received multiple MVP (Most Valuable Player) awards for his outstanding performances.

Beyond his individual achievements, Stewie2K’s leadership qualities have been pivotal to the success of the teams he has played for. His ability to inspire and guide his teammates, as well as his in-game decision-making, have been essential in achieving victories and team cohesion.

Legacy and Impact

Stewie2K’s impact on the CS:GO scene extends beyond his individual skill. His aggressive and unpredictable playstyle has influenced the meta and inspired a new generation of players. Stewie2K’s fearlessness in clutch situations and ability to create game-changing moments have made him a fan favorite and a player to watch.

Off the server, Stewie2K’s engaging personality and charismatic presence have endeared him to the CS:GO community. He has become an ambassador for the game, actively engaging with fans and showcasing his passion for esports.


Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip’s journey from an aspiring talent to a top-tier CS:GO player and leader is a testament to his dedication, skill, and resilience. With his aggressive playstyle, exceptional rifling, and leadership qualities, he has left an indelible mark on the CS:GO competitive scene. As Stewie2K continues to compete and evolve, his legacy as one of North America’s most influential CS:GO players is assured.

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